Transform your pool into a wellness oasis offers a range of stunning water features, such as fluvo® counter current systems, hydro-massage jets, and high-tech water curtains to turn your pool into your own personal ‘wellness’ oasis. You can select matching finishes to achieve the perfect look that will integrate seamlessly with your pool.

Counter Current Systems

fluvo® counter current systems have become indispensable in modern pool areas. From gentle breaststroke to vigorous, sporting freestyle; swimming without the need to turn when you reach the end of the pool! fluvo® counter current systems are distinguished by a high degree of operational safety and are designed to conform to the latest safety regulations, including hair entrapment testing. fluvo® – that means safe suctioning, maximum swimming fun and a practical investment in fitness and health.

XANAS® is an award-winning counter current system that combines modern design with maximum operating comfort. It is characterized by an extra-flat design and an integrated suction through a drop-shaped grid for an optimum flow. The water flow and air admixture can be adjusted manually through rotary knobs.

As fitness or wellness equipment, suitable for all ages and for the whole family, your pool becomes more attractive thanks to the many possible uses that XANAS® offers.

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The hectic daily routine is over, stress is banished – that’s when it’s high time for complete relaxation. The magical answer to persistent sensory overload is hydro-massage. Body, spirit and soul rediscover their natural harmony. Water and air currents gently massage the neck, shoulders, back, posterior and legs and act on the most important foot reflex zones. Tissue and joints lying deeper below the surface also enjoy these benefits. hydro-massage from fluvo® is a unique concept with innovative jets; the ingenious combination of water and air soothingly refreshes the body without any effort or force. hydro-massage from fluvo® is a practical investment in your health and a substantial contribution to the quality of your life. It also brings the fun into swimming in your pool.

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Water Curtains Systems

Welcome to Paradise. Enter a fluvo® water curtain and close your eyes: the massaging pattering of the water curtain, the rushing in your ears, the unbelievable sense of refreshment – bathers find themselves in the centre of a tropical waterfall. The fluvo® water curtain is a swimming pool water feature which provides fun and lifts your spirits. Its architectural design and the veil of water it creates provide the optical highlight for every pool. Decades of experience in the development and perfection of water curtain systems stand behind the perfect fluvo® curtain. Using high-tech carbon fibre, fluvo® manufactures the‚ most beautiful‘ of the beauties: with its sleek base and its wide opening, cobra® carbon is a fantastic water curtain for any pool.

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