Stainless steel Pool Fittings

Premium quality marine grade 316 stainless steel fittings from Flolux are a great way to upgrade your pool and make your swimming experience unique.

FLOJET – threaded eyeball return inlet

The FloJet Threaded Eyeball Return / Jet is fitted with a turned 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spherical System Eyeball, to provide efficient and manageable water flow throughout your pool or spa.

The Innovative Engineered, Design Protected “One Piece” Safety mechanism ensures the eyeball cannot be removed or dislodged during operation.

The FloJet Inlet set consists of a threaded PVC backing that can be used with threaded couplings, suitable for Fibreglass and Concrete Pools.

Complies to EN 16582 – European Safety Regulations


FLOSUCTION – threaded safety suction 50mm

The FloSuction is designed with the unique combination of Safety and Elegance, with an incomparable finish.

The Polished 316 L (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel fascia is safely secured to the High Grade PVC Backing with fasteners. The FloSuction Design is both aesthetically and functionally designed to the highest standard.

FloSuction Safety Suction is built complaint to EU 16582 – (Europe) Standards for Safety.



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