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Courtyard Pool Model
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To make it easy on you, we have pre-matched some of our most popular pool models with high-quality pool filter systems. To check out the individual models and associated equipment packages, just hover the mouse button over one of the models in the row below, and click on the QUICK VIEW button.

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In this section, you will find a choice of heat pumps, water treatment systems, and pool lighting.To check out individual equipment, just hover the mouse button over it, and click on the QUICK VIEW button.

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Heat Pumps

Extend your swimming season with a pool heat pump. These highly efficient systems will keep your pool warm even during cooler days and at the beginning of spring, so you can relax or spend quality time with your family anytime you want.

Pool heats pumps are one of the most energy efficient pool heating options available. And this is because of the way that they generate heat. While electric heaters use resistors, and gas heaters burn fuel, pool heat pumps harvest natural heat.

Water Treatment

In addition to being filtered, your pool water must be treated with a disinfectant to be perfectly clean. The disinfectant of the water makes it possible to avoid the formation of algae, bacteria, limestone and other pollutions. To disinfect your water, you have the choice between different pool products or treatment systems.
A salt chlorinator generates active chlorine (the one that disinfects …) by chemical reaction to make the treatment of pool water simpler and more agile. A pH controller consists of a probe to measure the current pH of the pool water, chemicals to correct the pH via an injection pump, and a controller that calculates the required injection rate and activates the injection system.

LED Pool Lighting

Making the switch to LED pool lighting gives you high-tech aesthetic and control options that old-school lighting just can’t match. They allow you to create the perfect atmosphere in your pool at the flick of a switch.
In addition, LED lighting for pools commonly uses 85% less electricity than standard pool lights.and can last up to 50,000 hours!


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